Organic Anti-Aging Cream-50ml *
French green clay balm, 100% natural,Tube 400g

French ultra-ventilated green clay powder, 100% natural, 300g

  • Mask
  • Poultice
  • Clay water
  • Soft bath
  • Hair care & Tooth care
  • Oily to combination skin

Box 300g



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Biorosan's Green Clay is extracted at the feed of the volcanoes in south of France, on a perfectly sunny side. Naturally rich in minerals and trace elements, it purifies, remineralizes, detoxifies and protects your skin and ensures a smooth feel. Biorosan's Green Clay is using for poultices and facial masks...

For a facial Mask: apply a thin layer of Biorosan's clay paste on the face and neck clean and dry, avoiding eyes and lips area. Leave on for 10 to 15 minutes the rinse off with warm water, delicately dry and nourish your skin with Biorosan's Face cream or a moiturizing cream. 

For a poultice: on the treatment area, apply the clay paste thickness 2cm with a wooden spatula. Insert a gaze or a fine line to irritated areas or hairy. Allow at least 01 hours without leaving it dry and then rinse with warm water.

Clay water: Mix one teaspoon (about 3 g of clay) in a glass of mineral water and shake well. Leave to rest all night. The clay is deposited at the bottom of the glass. Drink the clay-saturated mineral water above the clay deposit in the morning on an empty stomach. This water will be enriched during the night spent in contact with the clay. For a classic cure do not consume the soil dropped to the bottom of the glass. Duration of treatment from one week to twenty-one days. You can also prepare your drink in the morning and drink it at bedtime.

Hair Care: Clay is used as a hair mask to regulate excess sebum. Apply on the scalp of the clay paste ready for use while massaging. Avoid putting the clay on the ends of the hair. Rinse with lukewarm water and lemon to give more shine

Tooth Care: Clay is used as a toothpaste, it has the ability to remove toxins found in saliva and meal residues. A pulp blending superfine and ventilated green clay powder and water can be made, but should not be used more than three times a week because the clay is too abrasive for the fragile enamel of the teeth. It can be used to make mouthwashes or gargles

Clay Bath: Sprinkling a little clay powder in the bath water helps to soften the epidermis. Two tablespoon of clay powder can be mixed with a glass of water that will be added to the bath. In thalassotherapy, clay is also used for clay baths. Home-made clay mud baths are at risk of evacuation from the butcher's bath if the bath water is not thrown out.

Ingredients: 100% French Clay Powder


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